Samsung UN65KS8000 review

Samsung UN65KS8000 HD Smart LED TV Review

Posted on: December 5th, 2016 by admin

Samsung’s 65-inch SUHD Television is sure to blow your mind as it features quantum dot technology.

It’s worth noting that Quantum dot technology improves picture quality by enhancing the colour thus creating an image with more clarity and detail. It has a billion colour combinations which, in turn, produce a picture that’s full of life.

Samsung’s UNK65KS8000 which is a bit less powerful than the tech giant’s KS9000 series, but still one of the best 65 inch 4K televisions out there.  The KS8000 has properties that create a stunning High Dynamic Range picture experience despite the various sources of light that may be present while viewing the TV.

The KS8000 also comes with a unique remote controller which is specially designed to give you ease of use while navigating through the TV.

The television also features Samsung HDR 1000 innovation which adds a lot more radiance to the picture so you can see even the smallest details in dark movie scenes.

Gamer’s will absolutely love this TV seeing as it’s 4K compatible meaning you can use your PS4 Pro to full effect with the KS8000. The big 65-inch screen is sure to knock your socks off while playing your favourite video games.



Like most top-notch 4K TV’s, the 65-inch version of the KS8000 costs between $1600 – $2800. It’s obviously quite costly, but if you’re keen on getting the best of the best for much less than a higher-end 4K TV, then the KS800 is for you.

It’s adequately priced judging by its features, so if you’re a hardcore gamer or a staunch movie lover, the KS8000 will suit you quite nicely.




Game Mode

This is one for the gamers as the KS8000 features a fully functional and stunning game mode which as the name implies, is tailor-made for gaming. It improves the overall picture quality of games thus complimenting its 4K compatibility.

Upscaling Technology

The KS8000 features Samsung’s upscaling technology that enhances the image quality of non-4k content and content with relatively small resolutions. In much simpler terms, content that doesn’t have a 4K resolution will look richer on the KS8000.


  • Enjoy a vibrant and seamless viewing experience with the Quantum Dot Technology which fires off over a billion colours than the typical HD TV’s to create a realistic picture.
  • Never miss a scene in the dark as the KS8000 features great Black Uniformity as it comes fully loaded with Triple Black Technology.
  • UHD dimming allows you to get contrast with more depth and richer colour.
  • HDR 1000 improves vividness and contrast to create a remarkable viewing experience
  • Utilise the Smart Remote to switch from Live TV to your favourite streaming networks easily as the remote is designed to make the TV easily navigable.


The KS8000 allows you to enjoy non-4K content in a relatively 4K manner thanks to its upscaling technology.

Its Black Uniformity lets you enjoy your favourite movie scenes in the dark with great detail and richness. You can also watch movies with the presence of various sources of light with no hassle.


Angle Viewing is somewhat lacklustre with the KS8000, although this can be easily avoided by sitting in front of the TV.

Customer Reviews

Samsung’s UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV has been reviewed by 370 customers and has a review score of 4.4 out of five stars.


The TV doesn’t feature any 3D capabilities, so if you’re keen on getting a 3D TV, then the KS8000 is not for you.

Despite that, though, there isn’t any real problem with the KS8000 0 – it’s got Quantum Dot Tech, HDR 1000, a game mode amongst other features, what’s there not to love about this television. It’s definitely one of the best 4K TV models out there.


Sony KDL55W650D HDTV Review

Posted on: December 5th, 2016 by admin

From game consoles to headphones and TV’s, Sony is famed for their excellent tech products and they seem to be able to do no wrong.

The KSL55W650D is the tech giant’s latest 55-inch TV, and it comes fully packed with a truckload of features which makes it one of the best 55-inch televisions of 2016.

Enjoy a smooth and immersive viewing experience as you utilise the KSL55 to full effect – a TV made for avid gamers, movie fans and anyone who’s keen on watching their favourite shows in an elegant manner.

The TV features a full HD 1080p resolution which helps to bring out even the slightest of details on the screen – its clarity is simply astounding and with the big screen which makes for a pure cinematic experience you’re sure to be captivated by Sony’s KSL55W650D.

We’ve all become accustomed to online viewing, and Sony is well aware of that thus, with the built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect the TV to your home’s internet network and get access to your favourite apps and shows.

You get access to Hulu and Netflix so you’ll never miss your favourite shows; YouTube is available as well, so you can watch your favourite comedy skits and what not.

The freedom to download a myriad of apps is also one of the TV’s main selling points regarding its internet capabilities.



Sony’s KSL55W650D ranges from $620 – $700 and can be purchased from all the major retail outlets. Judging its sleek and elegant design along with the TV’s high-performance levels that’s just about the right price – what you pay for is basically what you get.




It doesn’t have a 4K resolution so gamers looking to switch to a PS4 Pro needn’t acquire the TV, but if you’re looking for an efficient TV that provides you with a great viewing experience then look no further than the KDL55W650D.

Wi-Fi Availability

The TV’s high-speed Wi-Fi allows you to stream content from your favourite apps, watch an endless amount of movies online and of course download a host of apps. Tired of seeing cables dangling around? Then the KDL55 is for you seeing as it keeps wires out of sight thanks to its compact design.

X-Reality Pro

The KDL55 features Sony’s X-Reality Pro which makes the picture quality much clearer and detailed. The X-Reality Pro utilises a noise reduction technology that helps to sharpen scenes and gives them more detail. Coupled with the Full HD 1080p, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning scenes when watching a movie or to play your favourite video game.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi which provides access to a wide array of online content and apps such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix – ability to download a broad range of apps.
  • Stunning picture quality with the X-Reality Pro technology.
  • Sleek and slim design which keeps wires out of sight making it look less congested. Great suitability for any Livingroom.
  • Smooth audio reproduction.


The KDL55 has minimal flash lighting visibility thanks to its great black uniformity. Whilst not able to completely eliminate external sources of light, with the KDL55, flash lighting will go unnoticed most of the time. You’ll be able to enjoy dark scenes thanks to the KDL55’s black uniformity.

The TV’s got a built-in Wi-Fi and comes preloaded with popular streaming and video apps. In an instance where you don’t like what’s on the cable or you’re just too bored even to bother going through the usual channels, you can simply utilise the TV’s internet capabilities and watch a movie of your choice by searching for it.


Sony didn’t do a good job with the TV’s Gray uniformity as often; patches could emerge on the television and make it seem uneven. Preventing dust from flying around will help minimise any sort of gray uniformity.

Customer Reviews

The TV has a 4/5 review score and has been reviewed by 174 customers.


Sony’s KDL55W650D is costs what is should; the specs are great with some them being outstanding whilst like any other relatively mid-ranged TV, it’s got a couple of disadvantages. Despite all that, though, it’s a great television, and you should get one.

Samsung UN55KS8000 review

Samsung UN55KS8000 4K HD Smart LED TV Review

Posted on: November 27th, 2016 by admin

Samsung’s KS8000 4K UHD TV is arguably one of the best 55 inch TV’s to own as it’s got top notch picture quality and is quite affordable compared to other Televisions of its ilk.

Samsung is a dominant brand in the tech market, and their products almost always feature impeccable designs and functionality – the UN55KS8000 is no different. It features quantum dot colour technology which gives the TV superior picture quality amongst other things that enhance the viewing experience.

Gamers can utilise the TV to full effect with a PS4 Pro seeing as it supports 4k resolution and a low input lag which makes games seem more realistic and immersive, the TV, sports fans and action movie lovers will also enjoy the KS8000’s 4K resolution.

The TV is also ravishing thus reflections from various light sources in a room aren’t thoroughly noticed. Even when placed in a very dark room, dark scenes in movies look detailed as it possesses great black uniformity.

It features a slick and well-designed metallic stand used for placing the TV upon a surface; you can also opt to use a wall-stand depending on your viewing preferences.

The KS8000 also delivers non-4K and HDR content in an elegant manner thanks to Samsung’s upscaling technology – it basically means that compared to most TV’s, content you view on the KS8000 will seem sharper and more detailed.


Samsung’s KS8000 TV ranges from $1000 – $1500, which is a fair deal, as the TV could easily cost more due to its excellent specs. It’s one of the best 4K TV’s out there with very few cons, but it’s fair to say similar TV’s cost a lot more than it.

It’s a must-have TV for gamers, avid sports fans and movie lovers who are keen on getting their hands on a good 4K TV to provide a premium gaming or viewing experience.



Dynamic Brightness

The KS8000 brings out the best in scenes courtesy of Samsung’s HDR 1000 which supports realistic and detailed images. Its dynamic brightness enables you to watch TV (and enjoy it) when various sources of light are present in a room, not only that, the HDR 1000 reveals hidden details thus providing you with a superb viewing experience.

Great Non-SUHD Content

The KS8000 is capable of bringing out rich details in non-SUHD content thus improving the general picture quality. This is possible due to Samsung’s original picture engine which works by analysing the overall brightness of a video’s source and somewhat reproducing it to make it sharper and more detailed. The feature is great as it allows you to add an SUHD feel to old content.


  • Detailed display – It possesses a Quantum Dot colour drive which brings out richer details with the premium flat 4K picture.
  • Black Uniformity – The KS8000’s Triple Black Technology provides the TV with awesome black uniformity which allows you to watch dark movie scenes in the dark without having to worry about missing a detail.
  • HDR 1000 – Samsung’s HDR 1000 creates lifelike picture quality which in turn makes for a premium viewing experience.

samsung un55ks8000 hdtv review


The fact that you can watch non-4K content on the KS8000 is quite alluring, to say the least. It remasters the quality of Non-SUHD content hence improving its picture quality. You can basically enjoy some classic titles on the TV in sharper and more detailed manner – Samsung did a great job with this one.

The KS8000’s game mode is emphatic as it possesses great functionality and is easy to navigate. Avid gamers will most certainly enjoy utilising the TV’s game mode.


Samsung could have done a bit more to improve the TV’s picture quality when viewing from an angle. There’s an apparent lack of gorgeous details when you watch the KS8000 from an angle, but this can be rectified by just facing the TV directly when viewing content.

Customer Reviews

The product has been reviewed 327 times and has a 4.5 average rating.


Expect to be thoroughly satisfied when you purchase the UN55KS8000; it’s top notch picture quality, mouth-watering features and its affordable price puts the KS8000 right up there along with the best 55-inch 4K tvs currently in the market.

Samsung UN50KU6300 4K Smart LED TV Review

Samsung UN50KU6300 4K Smart LED TV Review

Posted on: November 23rd, 2016 by admin

If you’ve been keeping up even marginally with the latest technology, you’ve likely heard that 4K HDTVs are all the rage — and for good reason. It’s expected that roughly 15% of homes in the US will have a 4K HDTV by the end of 2016. Though these TVs can come with a bit of sticker shock, with the biggest and shiniest priced upwards of $4000, you needn’t go that far for quality viewing. One of Samsung’s midrange offerings, the UN50KU6300 50” 4K UHD Smart TV, can be found at many online retailers for roughly $600 and is packed with every feature the entire family needs for crisp, clear playback.

Sports Fans Unite

For sporting events, Samsung introduces with the UN50KU6300 a ‘Sports’ video mode. Although the bulk of the ‘Sports’ mode components are missing in the U.S. and Canadian editions, its main purpose – to enhance realism and simulate the feeling of being right in the action – remains intact. Effectively, ‘Sports’ mode is an automatic switch to the built-in ‘Stadium’ video and audio modes.

Get Your Game On

Another bright feature of the UN50KU6300 is its ‘Game’ video mode. Intended to optimize gaming experiences, ‘Game’ mode reduces the natural latency issues that arise from cabled connections. The only downside of ‘Game’ mode is that the screen may shake, and there is a slight hit to graphics quality in exchange for the framerate acceleration. However, considering that most games are still only 1080P, you may not notice any degradation at all.


Ready for Primetime (TV)

Since the UN50KU6300 is a Smart TV, many of the best streaming apps – Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube – are already built right in. Therefore, this review wouldn’t be complete without assessing the UN50KU6300’s actual television playback ability. First, here are the raw specs:

Dimensions (inches, WxHxD):

  • Without stand: 44.4 x 25.8 x 2.5
  • With stand: 44.4 x 28.5 x 12.2

Weight (lbs.):

  • Without stand: 26.9
  • With stand: 29.1

Screen Size (Diagonal):

  • 50″


  • 3840 x 2160


  • Dolby® Digital Plus
  • DTS® Premium Sound | 5.1™ Decoding


  • 3 HDMI Connections
  • 2 USB Connections
  • 802.11 AC Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth® LE


Putting the ‘ultra’ in Ultra High Definition, Samsung’s UN50KU6300 boasts vivid, lifelike color with its proprietary PurColor technology. Couple that with an upscaling function, and even standard HD video can attain (near) 4K quality. The UN50KU6300 doesn’t just keep up with UHD Blu-Ray, either; High Dynamic Range streaming video is available too, thanks to the bundled HDR Premium feature.

With so many notable traits, it was personally hard to find a fault with the UN50KU6300, but many consumers found one: the remote control. Samsung bills the UN50KU6300’s remote as all-inclusive: simplified navigation between Smart TV and regular TV functions, a microphone for voice control, and the ability to control other Smart devices on the same network.

However, complaints about the remote, such as the buttons suddenly failing to respond or the batteries being difficult to change, are sprinkled throughout otherwise very positive reviews. Though there are just as many reviews that claim to have encountered no problems with it, an easy fix would be to invest in an aftermarket universal remote.

Best Bang for Your Budget

Overall, regardless of whether your primary interest is in movies, games, or sports, UN50KU6300 has a video optimization mode for you. Combine that with standard Dolby Digital Plus sound quality, and you can expect a smooth viewing experience for less than half the price of more expensive models. What could be better than that? Feel free to compare Samsung’s UN50KU6300 to other brands; you will find the consensus is clear:

The UN50KU6300 50” 4K UHD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) is a great option for a beginner’s foray into the world of 4K TV.